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Revenue On Demand

We turn niche companies into revenue engines through brand positioning, user experience, and paid search.

Our Process

Our process is simple to understand. We close
holes in your sales pipeline, reduce friction in the
user experience, and increase conversions by
driving the right traffic to your site. We take action
now to get you revenue-generating insights
than your internal team can.

The result is predictable: more revenue. 

What Makes Us Different

INTO is not your typical marketing agency.

Ecommerce Specialists

We started as an ecommerce company, not an agency, That’s why we focus on growing your top line.

Revenue Over Everything

Client results are measured by one metric: revenue. It’s what matters most to you, so it’s what matters most to us.

Targeted Services

Our goal is to make you money, not win industry awards or prove our creativity. We have a relentless focus on optimizing your business.

There's A Lot We Don't Do

We don’t do conventional agency work, like traditional media buying or marketing campaigns. We zero-in on the strategies and services that are most impactful for ecommerce channels.

Attitude Matters

Ecommerce is constantly evolving. It is our job to be constantly learning what works best for your business. There is no room for arrogance or to be fixed on any particular idea.

80/20 Marketing

Brand, customer experience, and online advertising are the 20% of online marketing that will get you 80% of your results—so we focus on these areas exclusively.

30% increase in revenue, 11% increase in return on ad spend

We identified missed opportunities for advertising products that were never tested by 1800CPAP’s previous agency, and expanded the search campaigns to manage these missing brands and products.

68% increase in monthly transactions,
21% decrease in ad costs.

Digital advertising efforts had grown beyond what they could handle internally, leading to a lot of wasted spend. We narrowed the focus of ad groups by moving to a SKAG structure, allowing more granular control of keywords.

We also introduced an aggressive ad testing strategy to rotate out ineffective ads. By restructuring search campaigns and optimizing ads, we were able to generate 68% more sales while simultaneously lowering marketing spend.

$622,000 additional Google Ads revenue
in the first year.

In 2020, was new to PPC and needed proof of concept before increasing their ad spend. We managed their accounts to identify top performing products, then created an account structure focused on driving sales for these products while optimizing ROI.

We not only proved that Google Ads could be profitable—we turned it into one of their main marketing channels, accounting for 13% of overall revenue.

Our Approach

We don't offer a one-size-fits-all-menu of services you can choose from.

Companies hire us to increase revenue, and we do that by re-engineering three key elements of any ecommerce business. All the companies we work with have a brand. But either it’s not as clear and compelling as it could be, or they aren’t leveraging it as well as they could be. Usually both.

So we start by revisiting your brand.

Brand & Experience

The Customer Journey

People reward brands that create seamless, authentic, and engaging journeys. How do you customers interact with your brand at every step of their buying journey?

For an ecommerce business, the customer experience revolves around the website.
So next, we help you to redesign your website, using your refreshed brand and the insights we’ve gained about your customer experience as our guide.

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