The Clarity Workshop

A one-on-one workshop to help your team get on the same page for future growth and create a plan for converting customers.

Is your team focused on the right next step?
Get an Outside Perspective

Comprehensive and data-driven.

The research-based diagnostic takes an expansive look across a brand’s digital touchpoints, as well as competitors.  Does the message resonate with potential buyers?  Does it stand out from competitors?  Are buyers left with confusion that takes them out of the sales funnel?  Are the messages and visuals consistent and customer-focused, helping them see how the products and services meet their needs?  Is the site helping or hindering conversions?

Fresh eyes, from borrowed experts.

We’ve consulted with 100’s of eCommerce companies over the years, so we’ve seen a thing or two. We are here to give you honest feedback about opportunities for growth, but listen to see what challenges are standing in your way. There is no timer, no rigid agenda. This is an honest, constructive conversation to help you create tangible actionable ideas that can propel your brand forward while driving new revenue.

Convert more customers with clarity

93% of businesses leaders lack clarity on what to work on and on what timeline.

Enter the rapid changes of the last few years and the anxiety for leaders is off the charts.  And if leaders aren’t locked on targets, employees are even less, and customers… well, they don’t know what they are buying - and confused buyers, don’t buy.   

Over the last decade, we’ve talked to 100’s of companies who wrestle with this issue, the number one need is greater clarity, but you’re too close - you need an outside perspective.

We’ve developed a robust diagnostic and workshop that helps combats fuzzy thinking - join us for the next event!

So, What's Next?

Now that you've identified the need for greater clarity in your eCommerce business, what's next? The answer is simple: schedule a Clarity Workshop with our team. Our experienced practitioners will work with you to uncover the core challenges and opportunities within your eCommerce channel. Our team has helped hundreds of companies gain clarity and take their eCommerce businesses to the next level. Don't let your eCommerce business stagnate. Schedule a Clarity Workshop with us today and take the first step towards unlocking the full potential of your eCommerce channel.

Get an Outside Perspective