INTO Partner

With laser-focused strategic recomme-
ndations, we help UPS account managers and others grow and retain their book of business by driving sales for their ecommerce clients.

Help Your Clients Increase Their Ecommerce Revenue

You might be wondering, “What can INTO do for me as an account rep?” Simply stated, as your accounts grow, your volume grows. Watch this video to learn more about how our ecommerce strategy guidance can help your clients achieve their goals: better traffic, more conversions, higher margins.

INTO & UPS: The Perfect Package

Our story began years ago, when INTO was still operating in its original form as an ecommerce company. UPS shipped all of our packages, and as box count increased, our UPS account rep started asking us questions about our marketing and advertising tactics. He took these insights to his UPS colleagues in hopes of increasing revenue for other aspiring ecommerce prospects. Word spread, and UPS reps from across the country began inviting us to talk with their clients about how to build the ecommerce portion of their businesses.

Over nearly a decade-long relationship, we’ve supported tens of millions in package growth, are helping our parent company grow to $50M, and helped many account managers like you grow impressive sales for their clients.

Our Process

Sometimes, you need an outside source to identify weaknesses, areas for improvement and blind spots for your clients. Powered by our decades of expertise, we conduct an in-depth analysis (in areas such as ecommerce, PPC, UX, email, branding, and social) and present our insights in a strategy session. We encourage you to sit on the call—we’re here to help your clients and make you look good!It’s our goal to identify and prioritize the most crucial areas for clients to target, rather than taking a broader, less actionable, less effective approach. We help ecommerce brands generate revenue by focusing on:


Drive more high-quality site traffic


Command maximum margin by differentiating from competitors

The Payoff Is Huge

Your Clients See

Stronger revenue growth
Improved conversion rates
Increased ROAS
Better profit margins
Increased customer loyalty

You See

• Volume and revenue growth
• Better customer retention
• Increased access to key decision makers
• A way to differentiate you from your competitors

Our Services

It starts with a 15 to 20-minute strategy call with Mike Russell, our UPS Partnership Advisor. A retired UPSer, Mike has 38 years of sales & marketing leadership experience and will help you develop a solid strategy for leveraging INTO’s ecommerce consultation with your customer.
01 Ecommerce Strategy Consultation
In our monthly 30- to 60-minute educational webinars, we’ll help you understand more about who we are, what we do for your eCommerce clients, and how you can more effectively leverage INTO as part of your sales strategies. The goal is to help you win and retain clients.
02 monthly webinars
We’ll join your team meeting to share more about INTO’s approach to driving growth for your eCommerce customers. These sessions are much like the monthly webinars, but are customized based on the DNA and experience of your sales team.
03 team meetings
Discover how INTO can increase your client’s online revenue and cement you as a strategic partner.
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