UPS wants to help you find What's Next.

At UPS, we want to invest in you and your company. We want to help you leverage resources like brand, digital and customer experience that can facilitate the growth of your business.

One such resource is a collaboration between UPS and INTO, a research-driven growth firm. INTO's Brand + Demand Scorecards identify the issues that may be impacting your company’s performance and show you ways – backed up by real data and insights from years of consultations - that you can maximize your current marketing and customer experience efforts. Their research team will provide a list of recommendations that will strengthen your brand and give you real tools to increase revenue.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

-Peter Drucker


With INTO's experience in working with over 600 UPS clients, they know the goals and culture of UPS and our passion to help clients grow.

This in-depth assessment and consultation is worth over $6,000 but is complimentary to you. After just a two-hour meeting, you’ll walk away with real action steps you can take to improve marketing efforts and increase revenue.

At INTO, we unite brand development, digital advertising, and customer experience innovation to take forward-thinking companies from where they are to where they want to be.

We measure success in the same way our clients do - through results. And, we know that achieving results - like maximizing conversion and increasing profitability - is directly linked to having a winning customer experience.

A strong customer experience will build momentum from beginning to end, transforming a person from prospect to brand evangelist. It's the key to sustained growth - and at INTO, we give companies the tools, strategies, and expertise to achieve it.

Brand + Demand
+ Experience

30% increase in sales month over month
263% Increase in Return on Ad Spend
437.5% increase in units sold
250+ Scorecard meetings with UPS clients
...and we're just getting started. Maybe it's time you got into this collaboration.
What Other Leaders Said...
Kyle Gross
President - Annapolis Performance Sailing LTd.

"Thank you for meeting with us and for arranging the INTO analysis. We all came away with some valuable items to be developed and actioned.I asked them today to please move forward with the PPC and social analysis. It has been rare for us to get insightful and helpful information from consultants, so the INTO team was a nice surprise!”

Betsy Grindlay
Director of Marketing - Speedway Motors, Inc.

“That consultation was incredible. Heavy-hitting on a few areas we needed, really great words and insight – especially when it comes to branding and customer smarts...Thank you again… the words you shared here had a big impact – and I’m grateful for the groundwork you’ve laid to make this our best year yet!”

Rick Wiedemer
CEO - Kinkley Lighting

“Thanks for arranging the very informative consultation from INTO. It was truly thought-provoking which we need to continually push our bar higher.”

How Does
It All Work?

INTO Brand + Demand Scorecards evaluates your existing marketing efforts through an informal, yet thorough evaluation. Based on our observations, we fill out two different scorecards, one for overall branding and one for digital / user experience efforts, assigning a score ranging from “poor” to “excellent” in a wide range of categories.

Once the results are compiled, INTO will share these scorecards with you, one-on-one. Hard-hitting, direct insights will challenge your team to take an honest look at your brand and customer experience. Your team will leave with a list of practical, actionable suggestions for moving your business forward.

Contact UPS
Contact your UPS representative. They will determine if you qualify for value-added marketing services.
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Once approved, all costs for research and analysis of the INTO Brand + Demand Scorecards will be covered.
Get The Report
INTO will produce reports within three weeks and will not need access to your staff.
Live Consultation
At your request, a live consultation of the Brand + Demand recommendations will be scheduled with you and your team.

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