Increase in Revenue Year over Year


New Countries Expanded into

Client Background

1800CPAP offers its customers the highest-quality and lowest-priced CPAP machines, masks, and supplies. After working with one of the largest PPC agencies in the world, the account had plateaued for several years.

INTO Strategies

Restructuring Search Campaigns

We identified missed opportunities for advertising products that werenever tested by 1800CPAP’s previous agency, and expanded the searchcampaigns to include these missing brands and products.

Expanding Internationally

1800CPAP was only advertising in the US, but after an analysis of currentsales and international pricing, INTO helped expand into 23 additionalcountries – resulting in significant revenue gains.

Revenue Results

Despite 1800CPAP’s previous partnership and the maturity of its account, INTO was able to uncover several opportunities for improvement. In the first year of partnership, revenue increased 30%, while ROAS increased 11%. Growth continues in terms of revenue and transactions while maintaining strong profitability.

So, What's Next?

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The Checkup

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The Workshop

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