Decorative Films


Increase in Average Monthly Transactions


Decrease in Average Monthly Ad Cost

Client Background

Decorative Films is a manufacturer and supplier offering the largest selection of decorative and functional films in the market. Their digital advertising efforts had grown beyond what was possible to handle internally, so they needed a partner to free up internal resources and drive growth.

INTO Strategies

Restructuring Search Campaigns

Decorative Films was managing large digital advertising accounts, and this scale was leading to wasted spend. We narrowed the focus of ad groups by moving to a SKAG structure, allowing more granular control of keywords and a reduction in wasted spend

Implement Ad Testing & Rotation

Decorative Films’ accounts contained several successful advertisements, but ineffective ads were not being rotated out. By introducing an aggressive ad testing strategy we increased the effectiveness of advertisements.

Revenue Results

By restructuring search campaigns and optimizing the company’s advertisements, INTO was able to increase Decorative Film’s average monthly transaction volume by 68%, while simultaneously reducing the average monthly cost of advertising by 21% - meaning Decorative Films generated more sales with a lower investment.

So, What's Next?

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