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Happy customers lead to better business.

So you’re getting decent site traffic, but your conversion rates are not where they should be. That means it’s time to take a cold, hard look at the user experience and usability of your site.

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What to Expect
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Our UX audit is a detailed analysis of every aspect of a customer’s journey through your website—from the fonts and colors they see to the buttons they click. We take a close look at your:

• Homepage
• Navigation, Header/Footer, Search and Announcement Bar
• Category Page
• Filters / Sorting
• Product Pages
• Shopping Cart
• Checkout
• Contact Forms
• Sign In / Sign Up
• About
• Help/Support

Measurable Results—For Your Customers and for You

A UX audit leads to meaningful changes for your customers, which translates to measurable results for you.

For Your Customers

Less friction (and frustration)
Less guessing
Less wasted time
Lower bounce rates
Bigger shopping carts
More confidence and trust
More return visits
More stories and recommendations    shared with others

For You

Higher conversion rates
Higher average order value
Higher customer lifetime value
More repurchases
Additional product lines
Additional features
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Why Partner with INTO for User Experience?

Our UX audit is the quickest, most direct path to unlocking more revenue.

High ROI

Some of the biggest issues we uncover in our audits are simple to fix, but have a significant impact on the usability of your site. Clients who fix these often see an immediate boost in their conversion rates.
Banish Customer Pain Points to Boost Revenue
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